Proper Pet Grooming Tools Are a Must

You wouldn't dare think of sending your children off to school with their hair looking like a rats nest. The whole neighborhood would go nuts gossiping about what an unfit parent you must be.

The exact same principle also applies for your pets, whether you know it or not. If your dogs hair looks mangy and unkempt people "are" going to judge you like it or not. You can hire professionals for quality dog grooming Long Island services for small breeds.

A Nice Comfortable Dog Brush

This is why it is an absolute must that you purchase and use proper dog grooming tools to use on your fury friend from time to time. The first item on your list, should of course be a nice sturdy dog brush. Not just any dog brush will do either, because underneath all that fur your dog has sensitive skin.

Use Only rounded Scissors

Next on your list should be a nice pair of rounded dog hair scissors, for trimming around their ears face and rear end. Don't even consider using your set of pointed scissors that you have in your kitchen drawer. This is because, all it takes is one slight poke and rover will never again let you near him with any type of grooming tools.

Doggie Pedicure Tools

Dog toe nail clippers are also a must. They are designed specifically for this task and nothing else will suffice. Also, you will need a sturdy pair of tweezers for removing any ticks or fleas that you come across when you are grooming your dog. A dab of alcohol on a Q-.tip also works wonders on fleas.